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Cathy Durig

Photographs capture a moment in time. A wedding photographer tells a story using those moments. I have had the honor of capturing and telling stories for countless couples. All of whom I can call friends. I've laughed with most, and cried with some, but more importantly are the moments we have with one another through the lens. I see my clients for who they are. The love they have for one another, and will continue even after I am gone. Remembering who they are now as individuals, and capturing who they will become as one are moments only a photograph can describe. 

I approach each and every wedding with care and great tact. Knowing these memories will live on in frames and albums, I place the utmost importance on capturing each and every wedding detail. My goal is to put as much thought into photographing a wedding as my clients put into planning it. I try to give each client a tailored experience, and to ensure they know I am with them every step of the way.  From planning outfits for engagement sessions, to creating a detailed wedding checklists for my brides to use... I strive for perfection, knowing it will achieve excellence. 

After my husband bought a very expensive set of golf clubs, I decided I deserved something expensive as well. My first camera was a Nikon, and I literally had no idea what I was doing, but I did know I was determined. I took night classes while working a full time job, and left the corporate world where I had made a name for myself to pursue a career where no one even knew my name. Photography became my passion, and every couple I photographed my muse. I see beauty in the simple things. My heart belongs to my husband and my son... and sometimes I share it with my love for Florida, champagne, & Louis Vuitton.





Trump National

Lindsay & Spencer

Waldorf astoria

stephanie & jon

Duke Mansion

Samantha & max




Duke Mansion

megan & brent

St. PEte beach

haele & tyler

Don Cesar hotel

karen & kory




I instantly fell in love with the way she captures a moment so effortlessly. She has a way of taking a raw moment and turning it into something beautiful and meaningful for the couple.
— Megan




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