Why Turning 30 Rocks!

My Top 5 Reasons Why Turning 30 is Pretty Awesome:

  1. You hang out with people you actually want to hang out with. Remember when you were little and your mom made you go over to Susie’s house…  when you had no interest in going, but Susie’s mom called your mom, so therefore you had to go??? Or even straight out of school. when it was ”highly recommended’ you attend this work function (outside of business hours), to show face and mingle with people you don’t even know/care to know, but you do it because it makes you look like a team player??? PULLLLEASE. The best thing about being 30 is that you know you, and you hang out with people YOU want to hang out with because they know YOU
  2.  People go to you for advice now. I know… this was a big one for me. Brace yourself, because when it happens you’ll be like “Are you talking to me???”.  Yep, it’s true… I’m the “old-timer”, I’ve been around the block, and best part is… I know how to get stuff done. I can recommend the best sushi in town, tell you exactly where to sit in the restaurant so the AC fan isn’t constantly blowing on you, and I know which server will refill your glass before asking…. I KNOW EVERYTHING… well, almost. It’s scary at first to think you’re the one dishing out all the advice and knowledge… like, when did I learn this stuff? Over time… and now that I have all this knowledge. I get to pass it on to someone else so they can get stuff done faster and continue the cycle. Now no one can ever say I didn’t do anything to better our society.  
  3. I don’t stress like a used to. Now let’s be honest, I still stress. I can just imagine my husband reading that first line and giving me the look “really???”. So, yes, I know that I still stress. Just not like I previously did. I remember getting frantic every morning before heading out the door for work, freaking out because I wasn’t going to be there at 7:30… SEVEN THIRTY!!! What was I thinking? That I was going to get more work done and it was totally worth sacrificing brushing my hair that morning to make it there sooo early??? Nope… not worth it. At the end of the day, IT’S NOT WORTH STRESSING ABOUT. Whatever I don’t get done today, will 100% be there tomorrow. And this goes for everything… laundry, cleaning in general… shaving your legs. No need to stress… unless you are having a bad hair day… then it’s ok to pour another glass of wine.
  4. I don’t feel guilty spending money… well, not AS guilty. I’ve worked hard to be here for 30 years. I take that back, my parents are definitely owed some credit. I’ve worked hard the past ten years, and itf I have the extra funds to buy that new Louis Vuitton that’s been flirting with me… it’s not my fault. I give in to temptation and flirt right back to my house where I treat him to my best place in the closet! Why not? Life’s too short not get what you want. So, go on, buy yourself a little something … you’ve earned it ;)
  5. I Love fighting. I know, stay with me. I am so blessed… my family & friends are AWESOME, my home is AMAZING, and my husband…. my husband… he’s my absolute everything. Do we fight?? ABSOLUTELY... but I love that we can fight (I know, we're almost there).  I love that our fights lead to solutions, and that no matter what, I know it will be ok. That goes for everyone. Fighting just means your confronting an issue, and now you get to work it out. So, let’s just TACO bout it!

At the end of the day, 30 is going to be an awesome year for me. Enjoy the pics from the fabulous day my hubby planned for me and my friends. Love him, love my family, and love my friends… feeling so blessed to be 30.