What's Your Holiday Theme?

I am beyond excited to decorate my new home for this upcoming Holiday season, but I've been struggling with my theme. This is the first time I get to decorate my first home, with my first hubby (just kidding, but he is my first and will also be my last). So, my mom has a Santa theme every year. Yes! Like a 100 different types of Santa's all over the house... kinda creepy, but it's her theme. I want to create my own Holiday decor that I will continue to use and add to the collection year after year as well. 

So, my main theme will be all things reindeer, with a splash of silver and gold metallics, and fur... always fur ;) I thought this was the best representation of Chris and I. He's not the "loudest" guy, so we're keeping a pretty neutral palette of metallics, and because I love shiny things. I like to pet deere, and well... Chris likes to h**t them :( And then fur because... well, who doesn't love fur??? 

Feel free to share your Holiday themes below!

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