Aruba & Carnival

Our trip to Aruba was absolutely fantastic. If you ever go, you have to take the road less traveled. Luckily for us we were with seasoned veterans who knew the importance of leaving the hotel and exploring the island. Get a car and just start'll eventually run into a secluded beach you can call your own for the day, or stumble upon a natural cove on the north side surrounded by cactus and rock stacks. This island is full of surprises for those willing to explore it.  

Sunset on south side of the island

Zeerover, a must stop restaurant in Aruba. You have two options 1. Shrimp OR 2. Fresh Catch of the Day.... or both!

Zeerover Dockside View

Alto Vista Chapel on the north side of the island

Natural Bridge on the north side of the island.

Surprisingly, cactus are all over the island.

Abandoned car next to the secluded beach we found.

Rock Stack in Aruba. It's tradition on the island to stack rocks and make a wish, or it can also symbolize your return.

Balashi beer is brewed In Aurba, and basically it's fantastic!

Our pool at the Renaissance overlooked the main road for the Carnival parade.