Top Ten Wedding Trends in 2015

Top Ten Wedding Trends in 2015 | CATHY DURIG

It's the year of the comebacks! I've explored my favorite wedding websites and culled together my Top Ten 2015 Wedding Trends. I can’t wait to photograph these AMAZING ideas this year. 2015 is going to be fabulous! 


  1. Rustic Glam. Don't worry my country lovin' ladies... rustic is still in, but just a little glammed up. Think Cary Bradshaw goes camping. You'll see lots al fresco dining, outdoor chandeliers, gold glitter meets earth tones, and of course lots of burlap!
  2. Friday & Sunday Weddings. As a wedding photographer there’s nothing I love more than a Sunday wedding, and Friday’s are just as fun too! They seem to be less stressful, and they are also much cheaper for the couple! Brides and grooms aren't sacrificing head count any longer to cut back on costs. They are figuring out ways to save in other areas (i.e. planning a wedding on a day other than Saturday) in order to increase the number of attendees. More guests = more fun!
  3. Gold Rings. Again, the comeback color gold is making its debut again. Tons of brides are making their way back to the classic gold ring, while some are going a little retro and looking for fun off-gold colors, like champagne. Either way, I love me some gold! 
  4. Crop Top Wedding Dresses. To be honest, I wasn't sure about this look at first, but it’s definitely starting to grow on me. Whether you’re looking to fab' it up or tone it down, designers are coming out with versatile crop top wedding dresses for everyone. They are different, fun, and let's be honest... force you to get in shape ;)
  5. Naked Wedding Cakes. I’m beyond excited about this 2015 Wedding Trend! When the cupcakes and cake pops hit the scene, I felt like I was the only one disappointed. Not that I don’t love cupcakes or cake pops, I just wanted… well, more! I felt like I was eating 10 mini cupcakes to feel satisfied. The wedding cake is making a comeback in 2015, but with a slight twist. The main focus of this new naked cake style is to expose all the time and effort spent creating the beautifully constructed layers of the infamous wedding cake. YUM! 
  6. Using Engagement Photos. Yep, it’s all about the photos! Couples have traditionally taken engagement photos, but more and more couples are actually using them! Whether it be using them for Save the Dates, enlarging the photos for guest signs-ins at the wedding, or incorporating them into an album, couples are actually using the photos… and showcasing them. I love photographing engagement sessions, I get one on one time with the bride and groom without any interruptions. You get a sense of who they are, and I think they become more comfortable in front of the camera prior to the wedding day. Bring on the engagements!
  7. Wedding Planners. I feel like 2014 was the year of the DIYer’s as I like to call them. But brides are now taking a step back and realizing their time is valuable. A brides time is so precious, especially a couple months leading up to the big day, they would rather outsource the planning. SMART MOVE LADIES! There is no need to stress. With the abundance of wedding planning services available, there is no need to worry about how things will get done. Whether you’re looking for day of services, or month of, or someone to plan the entire wedding… there is a planner out there for you! 2015 is the year of the Wedding Planner, so take advantage.
  8. Colored Shoes! Yep, brides are exploring other colors than white this season, but not straying too far away, and opting for fun fresh romantic tones. Light pinks, mints, and event lilac are creating a stir on every brides' toesies this season. 
  9. Champagne. Another comeback kid I'm happy to see on the list. Couples are steering clear of signature cocktails, and bringing back the always favorite bubbly. Again, you'll see a slight twist on this classic, with ideas like 'Make Your Own Mimosa Bar'. No matter how this classic drink is styled, I'm just happy it's back. As its side kick, you'll also see more speakeasy coupe styled champagne glasses as well!
  10. Finally, candid shots!! YES, YES, and YES!!! So happy about this wedding trend :) Couples want more candid wedding photography. No more awkward poses, be yourself and let the photographer do their magic. Brides want real moments, real smiles, and real laughs captured in 2015... and I could not be happier about this 2015 Wedding Trend.