So Grateful

All of my sisters are amazing! It's like having three completely different best friends who in their own way bring something unique to the table. Susan, the youngest, pointed out awhile ago that if we combined all of our personalities into one, we would actually make the perfect human. But, I like that we're all different, especially when I need advice. I know who to go to when I need a laugh (always Janey), when I need someone to put me in my place (Susan), and when I need someone to brainstorm creative ideas with (Patricia). 

I was in need of one of those creative session moments last Friday. So, I called Patti. I love hearing her talk. She gets on one topic, then another idea comes to mind, and she gets even more excited! It's like when Austin Powers came out of his comatose state and couldn't control the volume of his voice... each new idea got louder with even more excitement :)

In general I was asking her advice about my blog. She put it very plainly, be you. Write they way you talk, and nothing else. If you're struggling with something to write, then don't write it. Oh, and she also said more pictures!!! I'm taking her advice and chose to write about how grateful I am this fabulous Sunday morning to have the most amazing sisters in the world. Not even joking, I just started to cry when I typed the word "world" in the last sentence. I'm grateful for their support, their laughter, and even the fights we had growing up. I can't imagine loving anyone the same way I love them. So, here's to you girls this morning! Be you, and nothing else :)