2015 Goals & Metrics

I finally got around to writing my Goals for 2015. I know, a little late, but better late than never! Before I get there, let's back track a bit. When I was little, my mom had my sister and I create these binders full of photos. Each photo represented a goal we hoped to attain at some point in our life (i.e. a photo of a house on a beach, meant my goal was to own a home in Fort Lauderdale on the water someday). I haven't done my goal book in years... probably decades (I can say stuff like that now that I'm 30... #sadface). It's one of the big misses in my life right now, until today! 

I want to hold myself accountable in 2015 with not only creating new goals, but have those goals be driven by realistic metrics. This way I know what numbers to work towards, and I can develop an action plan behind them. So here it goes, my goals for 2015:

Photograph More Weddings


Go figure, a wedding photographer wants to photograph more weddings! My goal is to photograph 20 weddings in 2015. With my current weddings already booked, I'm on my way to achieving this goal, now it's just about keeping the momentum going! And to get even more detailed about the type of weddings I'd love to shoot...think town hall, a D&G white pant suit, and a private dinner for two, An intimate elopement is a high priority in that list of 20! All I need now is a couple who were planning to elope... hmmmm ;) 

Blog Better 

I've upped my game in 2015 with my blog, but I know it can be better.  I use to take blogging so seriously. The definition of a blog is to write about an event, situation, topic... obviously keeping it relevant to what your passion and hobbies are. It seems so simple, but developing content that you think is relevant is harder than it seems. Kudos to all the bloggers out there, this takes work! My forte is photography, but I also know blogging will help me develop relationships with others. I want this to be an open platform where people interact, give advice, and share lots of positive energy My metric to attain my goal is to post twice a week... wish me luck! Oh, and lots more pictures...a recent request of my sister.


Be Present


Not going to lie, when I first joined Instagram I thought it was just a cool app that would change the style of my photos. I had NO idea how many amazing, talented, creative people there are out there. This goes for Facebook too. I've been so limited in my world of connecting with people I either grew up with or currently work with. I need to be open to being present and be willing to share my experience with others. But I can't experience life so openly without being present to capture the opportunity. So, I plan to increase my social media presence. My metric will be to post a minimum of 500 photos on Instagram and Facebook by end of the year. 

Thank Everyone


When someone appreciates me, I feel it.... and that feeling is one of the best feelings out there. Then I can't help but think, am I making others feel the same way I do? Though I am appreciative of others, I know there are times I forget to tell them or even show them. We get so involved with ourselves, we forget to thank the people who are putting us above everything. My goal is to thank those who are always willing to go above and beyond, those who would rather help than be helped, and lastly those who feel better doing something for others then themselves. This metric was a difficult one, but I think I figured it out. I purchased a box of 100 thank you cards... all of which need to be addressed and delivered by the end of the year! Here's to being the post office's new best friend :)

Indulge Myself


Yep, right after appreciate others, I plan to appreciate myself! I need to stop being so hard on myself and indulge in the things I love.... macaroons, champagne, buying the organic brand even though it's more expensive (it tastes better too)! I'm not saying any of these activities shouldn't been done in moderation, but simply to stop feeling guilty if I decide to indulge in them a bit.

Kuddos to my husband, he has mastered the art of indulging himself with very little guilt. He is by no means selfish (though it could be perceived that way), he just knows that creating time for himself is key to his and our happiness as a couple. Again, this was a hard one to measure, but I plan to tie it in with my Instagram photo metric. Here's to using the #indulge for every moment I decide to take for myself in 2015.

Would love to hear what some of your goals are for 2015! Happy belated New Year, and good luck to all those who have already set their goals for 2015 :) 

Stay Fabulous,