Travel Tip Tuesday | Less is More

Welcome to Travel Tip Tuesdays!! Stop by the blog every Tuesday to learn my go to travel tips and tricks to help make your traveling experience that much more easier... and hopefully fun too!!

The first installment is my go to method I apply each time I pack my suitcase; Less is Soooooo Much More!! I use to be the one constantly saying... "but I need options!"... so in my entire closet would go in the bag. I didn't need options. What I needed to do was stop being so lazy and get my yoga pant wearing tush off the couch and figure out my outfit situation so I did't have to do it on vacay! 

So what was my trick to packing less? I stick to a tone... cool or warm. Take a step back from your suitcase, squint your eyes until everything is blurry... what do you see? A tie-dyed mess of clothing? Then start over. There's no need to bring every single color of the rainbow with you. I pick a tone and stick with it so a single piece can be used more than once, with multiple outfits.

Personally, I love black (I know... such a photographer cliche), but I incorporate more cool tones when I need a pop of color... i.e. blues, teals, and anything mint. Accessorizing with scarves, glasses, jewelry, and hats change a look completely... so I don't feel the need to bring my entire closet.

Besides... if you pack your bag to the brim... then how will you be able to bring any new outfits back home with you? #packlightincentives 

Travel Tip Tuesday | Cathy Durig Photography
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