Pleasant Reminder

5 years ago I was in Louisville, KY at a trade show. Coming from Charlotte, and knowing literally two people there, I wasn't preemptively trying to sit next to anyone in particular at dinner that evening. Luckily, my lack of strategy put me right next to my future husband.

I remember saying all of two things to the guy sitting next to me, which was fine because he had no problem recounting stories from his college days. By no means were these stories told with any sort of refinement, they were real, and more importantly they made him laugh. This whole concept was new to me... because when I tell stories, it's usually to make other people laugh, never to make myself laugh. It was refreshing to meet someone who made no apologies for who he was, and the thought of saying something to impress someone else never even crossed his mind. He was who he was, the real deal... take it or leave it.

We went bowling later that night (and no, this is not code for something else), and the next night we sat next to each other at dinner, then the next, then next, then the last. I felt like I had known him years, like when you're reunited with your childhood fiend and you fall exactly back into place with one another... knowing everything the other person is thinking with just a look. We said our goodbyes at the end of the week, and that was it.

About a week later I decided to take his approach and be real. I sent him a text message. Texts turned into phone calls, phone calls turned into visits to and from Indiana, and trips turned into an engagement 9 months later. 

I'll be honest, I forgot this happened 5 years ago until he reminded me this weekend. I love him more and more each day, and I'm thankful to have him remind me where started. 

ps the photo below was taken by the fabulous Katie Lopez Photography!

Cathy Durig