Travel Tip Tuesday | Top 5 Travel Review Sites I Trust

Chris and I are planning are trip to Ireland (in t minus 3 weeks!!) and I'm hitting up all my go-to travel sites for where to go! Before are not my list of favorites travel reviews sites, but must list before any/every trip.

  1. TRIP ADVISOR | Yes, somewhat of a give, but here's why... I rarely read reviews from other travelers (mainly because if I don't know them, it's hard for me to trust a their recommendation), but I do look at their photos! Ever go to a hot website and fall head over heels in love with their photos only to find out the rooms look nothing like what you saw on their website?! Then you should definitely hire that photographer for you wedding... he/she will do wonders! Trip Advisor let's you see real photos, from real people... no edits, no lighting adjustment, no wide angle lenses... just reality (and it's totally worth it!). 
  2. FODOR'S | I grew up on Fodor's. I still remember my step-mom recounting all the historic facts of every small town we drove through during our annual family summer road trips (think National Lapoon's Vacation, but with 5 girls... my poor dad...). More than likely we probably had our head phones on listing to our CD players, or watching Clueless on the VHS in the car, and her just reading loudly above all that so we would at minimum soak in some knowledge! 
  3. TIME OUT | Best sight for what's hot and happening now!! Local events, new restaurant reviews, and tips on how to get the most out of any city trip. 
  4. THE EVERYGIRL | I am obsessed with this website! If you love food, culture, travel, and basically anything pretty... then look no further. From tips on planning to tips on improving your photos, then site is all about the making travel pretty! 
  5. THE NEW POTATO | This site is all about food... which I LOOOVE. So, it is recent add to my go-to travel review sites, but it is quickly becoming my favorite. What I love about this site is you can choose your recommenders personality... prefer to see all the restaurants recommended by celebs.. then Molly Simms has already found the right one for you ;)  
Top 5 Travel Review Sites
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