Client Gifts: Personalized Thank You

I love giving gifts, especially to my clients! After several attempts to personalize and create a gift worthy of a thank you to my clients, I’m confident this gift set has a hit a home run with all my brides so far! Though I struggled with what to give my clients for a long time as a thank you for choosing me with capturing their wedding day. I personalized the experience while staying true to my brand, all the while finding the best way for me to thank my fabulous clients. 

First I wanted to create a client gift that reflected my brand and personality. So, I asked myself, “What would I want to get as a gift?”. My goal has always been to attract clients/brides that share similar interests and style as myself, so knowing my client target is simple… it’s me… or rather a version of me :) 

I could easily use my company stationary to incorporate my brand, but I considered how long that note would stay in their home... a day, maybe two? I wanted to brand something I knew my client would use…. over, and over, and over again. So, I opted for luxe signature custom matches to compliment the candles I included in the package. Voluspa candles last F O R E V E R, so I figure three boxes of matches would be sufficient to last the length of the candle... and then some! 

Client Gifts | Personalizing the Experience

I personalize each gift with a hand written note. Let's state for the record... I'm not a good writer, but I’m pretty sure I can handle three lines on a card. I found these cute little cards from Tommy Bahama that have gold foil pineapples on them. I am a born and raised Floridian, so I love anything that adds a little tropical flare, and the gold foil works with my brand colors too. In a world where email and texting are becoming the main mediums of communication, taking the time to write a note I know will automatically set me apart… and the fact that it's pretty is just an added bonus.

Client Gifts | Personalizing the Experience

So why do I go through all the trouble to create a gift that can simply be stated with two words? Because I want to surprise my brides, and while saying "thank you" might suffice, I know the gesture goes above and beyond their initial expectation. The return on the initial investment is nothing compared to the feeling my clients get when the receive an unexpected gift. Making someone feel good, loved, and even special is worth every penny…. Well, every $40 in this case. 

Client Gifts | Personalizing the Experience

Bride Tote: Plum Pretty Sugar 'Bride' Tote

Candles: Voluspa Candles

Matches: For Your Party Custom Matches

Blue Shipping Box: HB Photo

"With Love" Gift Tags: Sugar Paper