Previously Avoided Valentine's Day Gifts Until Now

I started writing this post about what NOT to get your lady friend for Valentine's day as guide for my fellow subscribers hubby's. I started with the usual: kitchenware, gym clothes, gift cards... all things that everyone tells you not to get your loved one on this special day. However, as I started to write about all the things society claims women shouldn't receive, I realized that I actually wanted everything on the list! Maybe that's what two years of marriage will do to you, but I find it hard to believe I'm the only one ;)

So, here's my re-vamped list of previously avoided Valentine's day gifts until now!


  1. Gym Clothes - I know what you're initially thinking... huge no no. Any girl who says she doesn't want workout pants from her man has never worn a pair of Lululemon yoga pants. I swear, I put these on and my booty both lifts and tightens. I've contemplated wearing these out on the town... who knows, maybe I have and you all were just thinking, "Dammmmnnn" ;) So, yes, for Valentine's Day I wouldn't mind a pair of yoga pants that would have people mistakenly think I'm J.Lo from behind.
  2. Kitchenware - I LOOOOOVE cooking. I buy cookbooks and just read through them like magazines. So, to receive a gift that complements my amateur chef skills is an added bonus. My friend and I both received very similar cutting boards from our men last year, though we didn't know it. She came over and was like, "OMG I have the same one!!!". Granted they were not the same, but the last time we both got that excited was during an *NSYNC concert (I definitely just dated myself). Caution, if your lady does not cook, this will send the entirely wrong message... move to the next option.
  3. Make Our Lives Easier - I bought this vaccum about a year ago because the one I had prior to that broke. I hate it. It's loud, it's doesn't clean as well as my old one, and it's so heavy. All things I constantly complain about every singe time I take it out. Now, I'm not suggesting getting your loved one a vacuum, specifically, but think about the things we always complain about. What triggers us? What sets us off the edge (not that we do this all the time... wink, wink)? Is there something out there that would make our lives easier? 
  4. Gift Cards. I know this as seen as such an impersonal gift, but has anyone not spent a gift card they received? Yeah, that's what I thought. Who cares if it's impersonal, it's a gift we'll actually use! As an added bonus, its saves me the trip of having to deal with a return/gift exchange. Let's avoid the pleasantries, and cut straight to the chase. Just be sure it's a place we frequent. No point in buying a gift card to Ross when she's a Marshalls shopper (and yes, there is a difference between the two stores). 
  5. Hanky Panky's - Women want to feel sexy, and comfortable all at the same time.  If I'm not comfortable in something I'm wearing, I can assure you that I don't feel sexy. Insert the best panties ever created! Hanky Panky's are a one size fits all panty, that are both sexy and comfortable! They offer tons of different shades, and will last forever! However, they come at hefty price and retail about $20 each... but are TOTALLY worth it.
  6. Flowers. Yes, I know this is typical, but there is something most men need to understand about getting a girl flowers. Do NOT go to the grocery store to buy us flowers. They never last as long, and they always end up putting tons of carnations in the bouquet as a filler. The only acceptable grocery store to buy flowers from is Whole Foods... and even then the selection is somewhat limited. Buy local. The time spent picking out the perfect palette of colors means more to us than the bouquet itself.
  7. Anything Tory. I don't think Tory was ever on the avoided list, but if none of the above have helped you generate any ideas... go to She recently released her Spring 2015 line, and I couldn't be more excited. This is the perfect store to shop when all else fails. You can NEVER go wrong with Tory :)

Hope this helps all the men out there looking for last minute gift ideas for their lovely ladies! 

xo, Cathy

Previously Avoided Valentine's Day Gifts Until Now | CATHY DURIG PHOTOGRAPHY
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