Wedding Blog Submission List

My first year I started photographing weddings, two recurring questions remained in my head. The first, "How do I book more weddings?", and the second, "Am I good enough to even start this business?". Constantly doubting yourself is part of the cycle of running your own business. So, how could I do it all? Increase awareness, validate my work, and ultimately book more weddings? Getting published on a renowned wedding blog seemed to answer all of these questions. So I made that my goal in my first year of business. I was published in under 3 months. I created this Wedding Blog Submission List, prioritizing which sites represented either my style or my clients, and submitted accordingly. Not only has the wedding blog list fast-tracked my career, but I use it as a marketing tool when meeting with potential clients to show them where their wedding could be published... (and my bride-to-be's love knowing their wedding could possibly be published!!!).

The 2015 Wedding Blog Submission List contains the following:

  1. Over 80 of the top wedding blogs online today
  2. A link for each blog that takes you directly to their submission website page
  3. Image sizes needed for that particular blog (if listed)
  4. Number of images for that particular blog (if listed)
Wedding Submission Blog List

This list does NOT in anyway guarantee publication, but it will help as guideline when submitting work. In addition, as opposed to you searching for each and every popular wedding blog that not only matches your brand as well as your client's personality, all links are made available in one convenient file. Work smarter, not harder :)

To download the PDF, feel free to click here for more info.

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