Being Inspired by Creative Live

So, I recently joined CreativeLIVE, which is an online classroom that offers amazing courses taught by inspiring, key word, inspiring experts... all for free. Well, it's free if you join in on the live classes, or you can buy the courses and listen at your leisure. Either way... there business model is amazing and so are the instructors.

With that being said, the course I purchased, is taught by my one and only photographer girl crush, Jasmine Star! The Complete Wedding Experience classes are out of this world, and I'm only on week 2!!! Granted I felt the need to blog about this course not only cause I think it's AMAZE, but because for anyone attempting to start a business... you can never have enough inspiration.

One of the first mistakes I made right out of the gate when trying to start my own business was thinking I knew it all. I came from the corporate world, I handled an account that was $1.3M solely on my own (yes,  just me!), I was the youngest person on the team, and the only female. So when it came time to start my own business, my initial thought was "How hard could this be?". Silly me...

Building a business is tough, and finding resources like CreativeLIVE, has helped me in so many ways beyond the physical. Yes, on paper, I can list off the copious amount of notes that will help further my business from the course, but emotionally... well, that's something totally different. They find key instructors that inspire you,  build your confidence, and ultimately affirm that failing is just part of succeeding. 

Let's be inspired! :)