Start Somewhere

I look up to so many people in my life. Some I know personally, and others I don't (though I hope to someday). Either way, I admire their success and envy the ease at which they portray it. What did the do to become so successful? What didn't they do to become so successful? How did they start?

This evening I was at an anniversary work party for a friend of mine. He started his business 30 years ago to this day! Exactly 30 years ago I was 9 months old... how crazy?? Anyway, his dad was at the anniversary party and explained to us how his son started this immensely successful commercial concrete business with just two pieces of equipment... just dos... that means just two! 30 years later he's hosting a party for hundreds, and celebrating his accomplishments... and it all started with just two pieces of equipment. 

This got me thinking and asking that same question again, "where did they start?" and this answer is so simple... they started somewhere. You don't need to have the best equipment or the industry know-how to be successful... though it could help. But even the people who were set-up for success had to start somewhere, and the same goes for those who are not... and that's ok. Not matter where you start, it will always be at the beginning of somewhere. And does it matters where your start? Not in the slightest... it just matters where you end up.

So I keep telling myself: keep hustlin', keep workin', just keep at it... because, well, I've already started :)