Take Life Less Seriously

I have a total of three sisters. The youngest, Susan, at one point said that if all our personalities were combined into one... we would actually make one awesome human. We all bring different traits to the table, and the one who inspired me to write this post today was my sister Jane. 

Janey is two years younger, and is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met! Yes, she's my sister, and I think the world of her... but she is hands down hysterical. And not because she plans her jokes, or creates bits to recite. No. She has a completely different style of creating humor based on not being serious in the slightest. 

For instance, she texted me this am (and this is verbatim what the text said): "When I walk around Publix, I sometimes pretend I am Belle walking around French town. Like when I grab TP, I'll pretend it's the blue book, then I'll push my hair behind my ear like her."

If you're female, and grew up wanting to be a Disney princess, specifically Belle from Beauty and the Beast... you all know EXACTLY what scene she's talking about. And the best part is, I can 100% guarantee she actually does this at the grocery store... because she truly does not take life too seriously.

Sometimes I lose my way. I become jaded, hurt, and even cynical when life doesn't goes as planned... and I need to remember to not take life so serious. Enjoy the little things, and go back to that place where I was happy, and pretending to be a Disney princess is still acceptable... and maybe even possible.

So, the next time you're at the grocery store and you reach for the TP... go back to that place and push your hair behind your ear like Belle.