The Good Ol' Days at Disney

I’m sitting in my hotel room right now, crying because my parents just left. Oh, and I’m 30 years old btw. I’m so fortunate they were able to come up for the night and visit while I was in Orlando for the weekend. However, this feeling of loss and sadness basically sucks.

I miss the days of vacations at Disney, where all of my sisters and I were crammed into a room, and we had to pick who we got to sleep with who to avoid the inevitable fights that would ensue. The parents’ hotel room was connected, obviously, someone had to be there to regulate the chaos. The would order us hot chocolate, and have it delivered to our room in the morning to ease the pain of getting up at 6 AM for early opening at Magic Kingdom. We would head to the parks, being one of the first families in line. Two strollers, that may or may not have been labeled Curry (Dad liked to come up with new last names to see the Disney employees reactions… like 'The Butts’ Family… this is no joke). We at muffins near Small World, then made our way to the ropes. Back in the old days, Disney would only open a portions of the park, they tiered the opening to lessen the impact on the favorite rides (i.e. Splash Mountain). Once the ropes were down, we would literally run to Splash Mountain… well the parents ran/pushed Patti & Susan in the strollers yelling all the while at Janey and I to slow down to wait for them to catch up. Disney has long since stopped this tradition… apparently people got hurt during the sprint… rookies. We finished up at Magic Kingdom around 11, then headed to Epcot. Prior to entering the park we wanted to make reservations in Mexico for lunch and had to use a kiosk to do so. Disney being ahead of the times, had the kiosk actually talked to you… and opened with the line, “Hi, I’m bit!”. Which my dad interpreted her name as something that ended in -ch. Jane and I would giggle, and were told very sternly NOT to repeat what our father had just said. We made our way around the lagoon in Epcot, stopping in Norway for our favorite ride with the trolls, then coming out to find that the Disney team had re-arrancged the strollers. We all had to look for name 'The Butts’. Sometimes Disney employees would offer to help look, but that was more embarrassing, nor did we have time to explain the humor in going by another name. We came back to the hotel around 3 PM and crashed for a bit, then made our way back to another park for evening fireworks. We always stopped to get candy somewhere before going back, which we had to hide once we got back to the room so dad wouldn’t steal it in the middle of the night.

Then yes, we would repeat the exact same thing the next day… and love every minute of it! I don’t know how they did it, especially with four kids, but I appreciate every moment that has lead to these tears right now. The joy, the fights, the laughter, the family… I just miss it. 

Ps... this view from my room has alleviated some of the sadness. 

Swan Hotel | Cathy Durig Photography