The Compliment

Hi Cathy,

I wanted to write you JUST to tell you that your website is amazing. I have the exact same template for my website but the way you designed yours makes it SO EXCITING to look at. And your work is incredible. I bought your blog submission list and I'm excited to download it. If you start doing any mentoring or YouTube videos or ANYTHING please let me know :)

All my best, M.

I received this fabulous email the other day and I was literally in shock. Pretty sure I had to read it about 20 times to make sure it was meant for me! Was she actually referring to my website? My website... exciting??  The website I have literally redesigned more times than I could count?? No way... there must be mistake. 

There was no mistake. It was meant for me, and she truly did love my website. The website I created on my own. Through numerous trials and errors, font changes, and logo updates. I still remember the time I forgot to save the changes I had made one day... 8 hours of work... gone! But I rebuilt, and designed a site I would want to peruse if I was a bride-to-be... and now someone noticed. 

Hard work pays offs, and sooner or later... someone will notice. Thanks M!! Your email made my day... scratch that... my year! 

xo, CD

Duke Mansion | Cathy Durig Photography