September Goals

Mom and I were having our daily dose of Facetime with one another yesterday. I asked her what she was working on, and she replied, "My September Goals". Yes, my mom writes her goals down each month, then documents them, so a year later she can see what she had accomplished during that month. Here's what her goals were last September:

  1. Get Hair Cut.
  2. Throw Out Infested Plants.
  3. Get Writing Degree.

She accomplished all but one... can you guess which one? I'll give you a hint... her hair looks fabulous, and the plants on the front porch never looked so good!

No, she didn't get the writing degree, but she still writes ALL the time. The point is, her goals range from daily chores we inevitably put off for weeks, to goals that could be a potential game changer. No goal is ever to small, or too big! Whether you complete all or none, the idea is to keep you going and focus on the things that matter to you and the life you want to create.

So, I decided to follow suit and start listing my goals each month. Below are my three goals I'm determined to get done in September... and if I don't... well, at least they are keeping me focused on the big picture :)

  1. Order New Sample Albums.
  2. Update Galleries on Website.
  3. Get Hair Cut... it's about time! (like mother like daughter)

What are your goals this month? :) 

ps I recently discovered Harly Quinn & Co..... and I'm obsessed with her typography.