Thank You Gift Ideas: Under $25

If you haven't noticed yet, this month has been all about gifting! First, I explained the importance of giving gifts and how something so little can escalate your business to another level, click HERE for the full blog post. Secondly, I created a list of client gift ideas all under $25 from some of my favorite shop, and you can find that full post HERE. Lastly, I've put together a list of Thank You Gift Ideas: Under $25, more so targeted to my vendor cohorts in the wedding industry.

So why would I want to say thank you to another vendor? Well, for several reasons:

  • Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.
  • Thank you for your contribution to the styled shoot. 
  • Thank you for the referral(s). 
  • Thank you for including me in your networking event... or the coffee date we just had ;) 
  • Thank you for everything you've done to support my business! 

There a million reasons to thank someone! I try to show my appreciation by way of a small (but thoughtful) gift, that ultimately speaks volumes as to who I am and what my brand stands for. So, hopefully the compiled list below will help with your future "thank you's" :) 

note: I did not take the photos shown below

1. Personalized Notepad: $19.99

4. #HUSTLE Pencils: Set of 4 for $7.50

5. Pretty Stamps: Sheet of 20 for $23.20