Client Checklist: Creating a Fabulous Customer Experience

Early on in my career I struggled with delivering an above and beyond experience for my clients. I delivered the photos, but I wanted to do more to create an experience initially, during the process, and post. In order to better manage my customer's experience with my company, I needed a checklist. And not just any checklist... a guide to help me stay on task and deliver the same fabulous customer experience to each and every one of my brides.

Client Checklist: Creating a Fabulous Customer Experience

This checklist has been modified (greatly I might add over the years... ) to help manage everything form small nuances that might not seem so trivial iniitally, to large 'to-dos' that might seem like a no-brainer....but people still forget. For example, one of the first things I ask for is my clients address, and then I task myself with entering their information into my online address book Postable. Could this be done at a later date? Absolutely! But do I want to save time so my clients get thank you notes and gifts faster, as opposed to me looking feverishly through my inbox months later for their address that I know I got but can't remember which email correspondence it was under??? Yeah, no thanks. This is literally the 4th item on my checklist, and is an invaluable step in delivering a positive customer experience. 

I also incorporate vendor to-do's as well. Though it may not directly effect my client, I can assure my interaction with their wedding team has an effect on their overall experience. Keeping vendors informed, up-to date, and happy will do nothing but help the overall experience for the client. 

The client checklist is outlined into four categories:

  • Initial Checklist
  • Engagement Checklist
  • Wedding Checklist
  • Holiday Checklist

Each category is designed to help drive efficiency and reduce wait time for clients, creating a better customer experience. I also check off the above and beyond items I do that go the extra mile in delivering superior customer satisfaction. 

You can find the full Client Checklist HERE.