The Gift of Giving: Why Client Gifts are So Important

As soon as 2016 hit, so did the wedding inquiries. January is the highest searched month for the key term "Wedding Photographers", with over 3.4 million searches! Which fortunately aligns with our booking trends so far this year. We have already welcomed 2 brides the first week in January, and we thrilled to have them part of the CDP Fam! One of the first fun things I get to do on my Client Checklist, is send a welcome gift! If you're curious as to what I send, click HERE, and if you're curious as to why I send a client gift.... continue reading below ;) 

The Gift of Giving: Why Client Gifts are So Important

The first, and obvious, reason for sending a client a gift is to show my appreciation... but it goes just a little bit further than being thankful. My client just invested a good chunk of their change in my business, with no  physical return at this point except for some legal document (i.e. the lovely contact). We as humans love tangible assets! Being able to touch, look, and feel something creates a connection. Granted I will at some point deliver photos, ahem...GORGEOUS photos, but I want my clients to get an idea of what is to come by way of something tangible right away as opposed to waiting weeks/months for something viewed via online. My goal is to create a connection sooner rather than later, so we can develop our relationship on a positive note from the beginning. 

Why is this such a gift to me? Because I'm already held in a positive light once they receive their  unexpected gift. I can say without a doubt in my mind that I have the most amazing brides. You will never hear me say a negative thing about them, nor I have I heard them say anything negative about me :) There is more to a the relationship beyond a gift, but it 100% sets the tone for their experience with my company, my brand, and myself going from the start!.

Giving my clients a gift, no matter how small or big, shows my appreciation, my generosity, my overall gratefulness to having them as my client... and it makes them feel good! I wouldn't want my clients to feel any other way. 

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