If You Are Busy, Then Look Busy

I had dinner last week with some fabulous Charlotte wedding planners. Obviously, we chatted about the norm: fabulous brides, pretty tulle, gorgeous photos... you know all things wedding related ;) Somewhere in the convo we started talking about how busy I was... or how it looked as though I was really busy... by way of all my posts on social media.

Here's the real deal... I've only photographed one wedding in the past month... just one. Does that mean I'm not busy... ABSOLUTELY NOT! Below is a brief outline of what's been happening over here at Cathy Durig Photography this past month:

  • I decided to plan a Styled Shoot in St. Petersburg, FL next month, so I've been organizing a fabulous line-up of vendors from all over to contribute to the shoot.
  • I just launched my online Store with our first product: the Client Checklist.
  • I'm working with a logo designer for my company's rebrand (scheduled to launch in February).
  • I've had several meet and greets with potential 2016 brides.
  • Lastly, I've been able to sign two more brides this month for 2016 as well. 

To say I'm not busy is an understatement.... but if I didn't share any of the above on my blog, or on Instagram, or Facebook... how would anyone know? Would they really think... "Oh, she's just been too busy to post anything"... Nope! More than likely they would think I've haven't been busy at all... hence the lack of posts.

Showing people, whether it be a potential bride, a current bride, a wedding planner, or any other wedding industry professional just how busy my day to day looks, lets them know how dedicated I am  to my business. Growing my business is important to me, and sharing that with others only helps build my credibility in this crazy fabulous world I call the wedding industry.

My best piece of advice is to share your work. Share where you're going with your business, and share where you have been. In the end, I want people to know the truth... I am busy, every second I have to spare is dedicated to building this company, this brand, and more importantly myself... and I wouldn't want people to perceive it any other way.  

If You Are Busy, Then Look Busy | Cathy Durig Photogaphy
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