5 Successful Behaviors I learned from Corporate America

I feel like whenever you hear the word Corporate America, people (or more so creatives) more than likely shutter. Granted, the corporate life is tough, no doubt, but there are 5 keys things I have learned from the corporate world I can almost guarantee has made my business a success.

  1. Don't Take it Personally | If someone doesn't like something I produce, I NEVER take it personally. I use to work for a manager who would just tear my powerpoints apart... down to a sentence being slightly off-centered... and I absolutely LOVED when he did this. I never took offense, because in the end he was just trying to make my work the best it could possible be. Today when I receive criticism, I don't take it personally, and I decide to learn from it instead.
  2. Quick Response | At the end of every business day, my goal was to clean out my email. I rarely let my email pile up, mainly because I don't want anyone waiting on me for a response. I've learned that my clients appreciate how quickly I get back to them and in turn they can always count on me for a response right away.
  3. Customer's First | I'm going to say it, and a lot of creatives reading this are going to take this the wrong way... and for that please refer to #1... but I would say a majority of the creatives I have met have a very large ego. Hear me out before you delete me from your address book... I have an ego, and I'm perfectly ok admitting it. I love my work, I love my life, and I love my family and friends... that's a lot of love for my stuff right? Turning all the love I have for myself into love for my clients has changed my business. Learning that I can wait, and that my clients or customers are a priority was a huge step for me, but it has paid off in ways I can hardly imagine. 
  4. It's My Meeting | In the corporate world, if you schedule a meeting... you ran that meeting. When I initially asked clients to meet with me, I immediately turned it over to them... "What questions do you have?", or "What did you think about my website?". These were my meetings and I was expecting my potential client to essentially come up with the content? I quickly changed my strategy and owned the meeting I had requested and outlined what I wanted to cover as opposed to the other way around. 
  5. Be Confident | I can remember the first time someone asked my opinion in a meeting in front of a table of execs... and you know what I did? I answered it... honestly. Why? Because I was confident in my answer.... I knew the industry, I knew the market, I knew the product, and more importantly, I knew where our company stood against all those factors. Confidence comes with time, but as soon as you have it.... own it... every bit of it. 
5 Successful Behaviors I Learned from Corporate America | Cathy Durig Photography
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