How to: Exchange Services with Other Creatives

The other week I received a Save the Date for my husband's cousin's wedding in California this July. The stationary was absolutely stunning.... so, what do you do when gorgeous paper arrives at your front door? You photograph it of course!! Granted I just used my phone to snap a quick pic and post to Instagram (click HERE to see the save the date), but what came next was even more amazing...

How to: Exchange Services with Other Creatives | Cathy Durig Photography

The bride-to-be tagged the fellow creative who designed the wedding stationary, then she reached out to me, requesting permission to use the photo on her feed. We got to chatting on Instagram, and I offered up my photography services to capture her wedding invitation suites if she ever needed a photographer. What did I ask for in return?? Actually nothing, she asked me what she could offer in return. I simply requested photo credit and contribution to a styled shoot later this year if that was at all possible... and she agreed!! 

So, in the upcoming weeks I'll be receiving some gorgeous wedding invitation suites from the oh-so-talented Kristin, of Sable & Gray Paper Co. I cannot wait to see what she has coming, and I'm even more excited to photograph her gorgeous work.

Personally, when I exchange services it's with the intent that I will receive nothing in return. Kristin was kind enough to ask what she could do for me in return, and for most creatives... that's how it normally works. I would say the key to exchanging services is to ensure both parties are going to mutual benefit. For me, photography service is a hard one to pass up for most, and whether I was given anything or not... having the opportunity to photograph something really really really pretty will always be benefit enough for me :) 

Open up the lines of communication and ask fellow creatives how you can help grow their busienss. More than likely, they will accept in some fashion, and want to coffer the same courtesy to you... just simply ask :)