I'd Rather be Stupid...

Last week I was chatting with a friend and industry professional about blogging, or rather her interest in starting a blog. Granted, I am no expert, but I love blogging and would want anyone to join the blog band wagon (say that five times fast in row). Her initial concern was finding something to write about, which to be honest was my initial concern as well... but it was mainly covering up the fact that I felt stupid writing about... well...anything. 

I mean, who am I to:

a.) teach anyone anything, when I am still learning every single day?

b.) write grammatically and punctually correct? 

c.) assume someone other than my mom is going to read my blog... and let's be real, who's to say she's reading it at all?

I'd Rather be Stupid... | Cathy Durig Photography

The truth is I have learned a ton... so far. I'm not saying I've tapped out on my wedding industry or wedding photography knowledge, but I do know I know more than I did 5 years ago, 1 year ago, last month or even just minutes ago when I accidentally deleted this entire post (always click the save button... always). So sharing what experiences I have been through thus far, could be helpful to someone else just starting out... which means a lot to me. 

And I don't really care if I don't write grammatically or punctually correct all the time (I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to start a sentence with 'and'... and look what I just did). I'm not writing for the New York Times... I'm writing for me, and what audience I have.... and if someone is turned off by my writing style, then we were never meant to be besties.. and that's ok with me :)

Lastly, I never started this blog for anyone but me. This is my business, and my life.... and if someone is interested in it, then FABULOUS! If not, then I wish you the best... seriously I do! This blog is a creative release for me, and it allows me to be who I am whenever I want... which is pretty amazing.

So, I'd rather be stupid... or should I say feel stupid and continue blogging grammatically incorrectly, to my mom, about topics she more than likely doesn't care about... and that is just fine by me, because at least I'm doing something that makes me feel fabulous!