2016 Goals Part 1 | Professional Goals

It’s that time of year!! That time where you start reflecting on the past to make the future better and brighter. You got that right time to set some GOALS!!! I LOVE setting goals… whether small or big, it gives my daily self a sense of purpose in this wonderful mess I call life. 

I decided to break this up into two posts... the first will focus my Professional Goals, and in another post I’ll focus on my Personal Goals for 2016. So let’s get to it!

1.     Create a Better Client Experience – How can I go above and beyond for my clients?? What else can I offer that might not cost much, but will deliver a big impact to their overall perception of my company?? How can I dote on them with or make them feel special??  Whether it be a faster turnaround time for delivering photos,  responding quicker to emails, more personal client gifts... there's really no wrong answer here. The goal would be spending more time considering my clients and how I want to make them feel :) 

2.     Implement a Marketing Strategy with Quantifiable Results – so this may seem pretty general at this point, but in the coming weeks I will be putting together a full Marketing Plan for my photography business. Starting from the beginning with marketing research, defining who my ideal customer is, and the creating steps on how to utilize all forms of marketing mediums to help drives sales and create a more successful business.

3.     Create Value for Fellow Entrepreneurs - By no means am I saying I know it all, but I will say I know quite a bit! So why not share it? I want this blog to become full of useful information not only for my clients, but for fellow photographers, entrepreneurs, marketing enthusiasts... sky's the limit! 

Stay tuned for Part 2.... the personal stuff, and yes I will be declaring a new Holiday! ;) 

Cathy Durig Photography