2016 Goals Part 2 | Personal Goals

Part two of my 2016 goals are up... and I am excitd about these ladies and gents!  
  1. Cathy Day – That’s right, I just made up my own personal Holiday! I haven’t had my hair cut in probably 6 months… please don’t judge. It’s getting the point where I can barely get a brush through it without some sort of effort... ok you can start judging now. I realized why. Taking the time to reflect on me, and what my needs are (not my business) have been very grey areas. On that note, I am celebrating me once a month…. No work, no emails, no cooking, no cleaning... nope… just me. I’ll read a book, or go to the movies, or take photos for fun (remember those days???). Yep, time to re-charge my inner self, and get back to the basics of what makes me... me! 
  2. Create a better Hubby experience – That’s right… I’m making it all about my hubby this year (well, me and my hubby… refer to #1). In all seriousness though, I don’t want to lose sight of us or what my role is to him. Being an entrepreneur I feel as though sometimes I get so caught up in my business, I forget what my husband’s goals are. I’m responsible for providing support for his dreams and aspirations, just in the same way he does for me. What can I do to make his life easier, and how can I provide a better experience for him while he is married to me… ‘cause Lord knows I ain’t easy to be around sometimes ;)
  3. Focus on my home and how I can make it a sanctuary. There's nothing more exhausting then photographing a nine hour wedding and coming home to no food, piles of laundry, and trying to figure out if that smell is something in the trash... or heaven forbid you! No mas! I want to come and have an organized house, where everything has a place, and is routinely kept up with so I can come home in peace. In the next few months, we'll be cleaning closets, pantries, and unloading those tubs in the attic from when we initially moved almost two years ago... please refrain from judgement ;) 
Cathy Durig Photography