Missed Opportunities

I'm sitting on a plane and I have two seats to my left, however only one is occupied by another person. Great right?! We have an open middle seat between us, which means more room! Wrong... actually way wrong. The once open middle seat is now being occupied by a phone, a hat, a leather jacket, headphones... and last, but not very least... an orange... that's right an orange. The gentelman who sat in the window seat took it upon himself to occupy both seats, seeing as I was only using one. 

Missed Opportunities | Cathy Durig Photography

At first, I was mad.... more so rather appalled at the audacity to even consider just laying all his stuff on the seat like that without any regard to what his neighbors might think. But then I realized what a genius this guy was, genius for seeing an opportunity to make his trip that much more comfratable and taking it. I saw the same opportunity and thought it rude of me to assume the middle seat would be open for grabs.

So here I sit, in my tiny seat, with all my carry-on items neatly tucked under the seat in front of me, leaving no me very little to no leg room, eyeing that orange out of the corner of my eye (I might be kinda hungry too), and thinking about all the missed opportunities I've had in my life for fear of what others might think, or how others will react, or if I'm even worthy of such an opportunity in the first place. All noise... driven by fear and insecurity ensuing doubt in my mind. At the end of the day, all that doubt will never outweigh the loss of what I could've had. 

I've got one life to live, and next time 8B is mine! 

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