She Said the 'S' Word

I’ve been known to curse from time to time... though this isn’t one of those kind of posts ;) However, I am going to use one of those forbidden words most are so scared to even utter in the business world around clients…. yep, the ’S’ word…Sales!

I think it’s so funny how many people don’t want to seem salesy or be labeled as a the salesman type. Let me be clear, I own my business and I purposefully try to sell myself and my business every single day! There’s nothing bad, or negative, or dear say you… wrong with selling yourself or your company. It’s how people go about doing it that might put a negative connotation on the whole ordeal.

She Said the 'S' Word | Cathy Durig Photography

When I’m purchasing products or services from other companies to support my business I want…. no… I expect to be sold. Why should I choose you? Why would I put my precious business in your hands? Lead times, great customer service, the fact that you put a lollipop in every package you send me (this does happen with one of my printing vendors)? If someone wants my business I need to be sold on the benefits of choosing them and what value they are going to add to my business.

Same goes for my clients. I spend SO mcuh time curating my website, for one sole reason… to sell potential clients. Even when attending a client meeting, I’m prepared to review all the qualifications that sets my business apart from someone else’s. I’m selling them, because they should be sold. Their business is worth the effort and then some. If someone came to my website and I only displayed one photo, or worse, I didn’t even have a website…. why should they choose me? If can’t even take the time to showcase my work, what is to be expected me when  photograph someone's wedding?

Anything I do for my business adds value in some way. Explaining how my business is valuable to someone else is just a fancy term for selling. So, call it what you will…. but I’ll stick to sales ;) 

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