5 Ways to Personalize the Client Experience

A huge part of my business is dedicated to finding ways to streamline my business for efficiency and added consistency, but I never want to lose that personal touch my clients experience when working with me. Below are some of the ways I help curate a personalized experience for my clients. 

  1. Send Thank You Cards | Such a simple gesture goes such a long way! Handwritten thank you notes are obviously my favorite, but due to my crazy travel schedule at times, I'll use apps like Ink when I'm n the road. Though not handwritten, I still personalize the experience with an image from their gallery (read more about the how I use the Ink app HERE). 
  2. Call or Send a Text | Right before I meet with a client, or the day before their wedding, I'll usually send a quick text telling them how excited I am to see them. I treat them as if it were my family or friends getting ready for their big day. I'm never expecting a response, but I want them to know how excited I am for them :) 
  3. Feature Your Clients | Posting a sneak peek after an engagement session, or their wedding, is pretty much a given. However, I usually post more photos later on throughout the year. I mean, who wouldn't want to see their pretty face pop up on their IG feed from time to time? :) 
  4. Remember Dates | For my clients one year anniversaries, I'll post a pic and send a card just saying congratulations on one year and wishing them many more years of fun, laughter, and love. Clients are blown away that I even remember their wedding anniversary to begin with. 
  5. Follow Up | This was probably the hardest, but easiest way I changed my business to help personalize the experience. For example, after sending a client photo gallery, I send a separate email with follow-up information like viewing instructions and how to download their images before they even ask. I want them to know I am here for them, and I try to answer any questions they might have before the can even think to ask them ;)