The Compliment

I was chatting with one of my lady friends the other day about her and her man. Not to get into the details of the convo, but she paid me a compliment I was so honored to receive. She said that my husband and I's relationship is what she considers ideal. I was blown away. Chris and I work hard at our marriage, and to hear someone acknolwede that hard work from the outisde made me so proud to have him, or rather us.

We fight, or better put, we confront our issues... and each time a confrontation occurs we leave with a better understanding of how to make us and our relationship better and stronger. With a little one the way, I know things will change. I know we will presented with new challenges, new opportunies, and a new understand of what sleep use to mean ;) However, I'm excited we're going in this together.

The Compliment | Cathy Durig Photography