4 Things Entrepreneurs Just Don’t Have Time For

As a destination wedding photographer, or entrepreneur in general, there are certain things I just do not have time for… nor will I ever have time for...

1. Caring about what nay-sayers think.

Nay-sayers will always judge, and they will always focus on the negative. Personally, I’d rather them focus on the negativity, then let all that into my world. People who are constantly putting negativity out in the world don’t surround themselves with positive people, and positive happy people are my people... so bring on the smiles!


2. Wondering if I'm worth it.

I am…. I know that I am, so I don’t spend anymore time on this. 

3. Worrying if I’ll make it. 

I don’t know if I will make it, but I know that I don’t have another option, so I need to believe that I will make it. Worrying will only bring self doubt, which is more hurtful to my business and overall attitude. I move on, knowing there is only one path to take.

4. Constantly comparing myself to others.

I am me, and no one can replicate me, just like I can’t replicate anyone else. I let people influence my business, but comparing what I’ve done and where I’ve been to someone else who has led a completely different life…. is sooooo not worth my time. Everything happens for a reason, and my accomplishments, my accolades, and my successes will come in due time. Just knowing they will come gives me the grace to not compare myself to others. 

Time is precious, and I’d rather spend my time lifting myself up then tearing myself down.