It's Time

I've been putting this post off for quite sometime, mainly because I don't like when the spotlight is directly on me... I prefer to be behind the camera as opposed to in front of it. So, we are officially/finally announcing to the world that we are expecting an addition to the Durig Family!

To be honest, this was not planned...and to be very honest, my initial feeling was panic... and to be completely honest, I am beyond thrilled! I can't believe we created this tiny human inside me, and that Chris and I are actually going to raise it... and like I said the initial feeling was panic :) But we are excited, and each day this little guy gets bigger and bigger, so does my unconditional love for him and for my husband. 

So, since this is a photography blog and we got all the sappy stuff out of the way... let's post some pics! Ever year my sisters and I do a 'sister photog session' on the beach in Fort Lauderdale at the end of December. This past year, I planned to surprise them before we told our parents the baby news. While on the beach I had them close their eyes and told them I was going to hand them something and not to open their eyes until I said so because I waned to capture their real reactions. I placed a picture of the ultrasound in each of their hands, and thinking someone was bound to peak... because we are Curry's after all... none of them did, and their reactions were perfect! 

It's Time | Cathy Durig Photography

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