Sending Thank You Cards Made Easy!

I have never been good about sending thank you cards... we didn't even send them out for our wedding (I know, I know.... stop judging). I mean, I wrote them all out, addressed them, and never got around to finding stamps. Fast forward several years later when I started my wedding photography business, and I realized just how important a simple thank you note can be. However the past stamp problem, still remains an issue even today... so I thought, "there's gotta be an app for that"... and there is!! Insert Ink Cards!

Ink allows me to select cards (or postcards), for any occasion and customize them using my photos which creates such a personalized experienced for my clients! But that's not the best part, once I enter my clients address, it remains in the Ink database. This is ideal for the following year when I want to send an anniversary card, another thank you card, or maybe a unexpected appreciation. 

Sending Thank You Cards Made Easy
Sending Thank You Cards Made Easy | Cathy Durig Photography

All in all, this little app saves me so much time in a big way, and ensures I'll get those thank you cards out sooner rather than later ;)