What I Learned From My New Brand Design

After several weeks of collaboration, I finally have my new brand design! Yes, very exciting! However, this was probably one of the hardest creative tasks I've had to tackle in a long time. Explaining your vision, or at least attempting to explain your creative vision to another, I found to be very complicated/convoluted. Entrusting someone with what your entire company represents is no small feat, and if I had the opportunity to do it all over again to ultimately avoid confusion, miscommunication, and get to the end result quicker I would have done the following:

Cathy Durig Brand Design | Cathy Durig Photography

Create a Vision Board | Not just pin stuff on Pinterest, but focus on key elements of certain logos, designs, and inspirations I love. Being very specific in the beginning would have saved a lot more time then my vague interpretation of what I liked or what my designer thought I liked. 

Communicate Branding Words | Chic, Bold, Classic... & Fabulous! These are the 4 words I wish I reiterated every time we spoke. Not only for the designer, but for myself as well. Staying true to what my brand represents should always be my number one priority. 

Don't Settle | I know when I like something, and I know when I don't. Thinking I was going to live with something on my logo, I wasn't really in love with was unrealistic... because let's be real, that's the only thing I would think about when I looked at it. Telling the designer what I liked and didn't like sounded harsh, but it got us to where we needed to be. 

Overall, I love my final product! And I'm so excited to start ordering my brand materials!!