Wedding Detail Checklist

Wedding Detail Checklist

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I fell in love with Wedding Photography after receiving my photos from my photographer. Yes, I loved basically every single photo she delivered of my husband and I, but I was especially drawn to the details she took prior to the day unfolding. They set the tone for how are day came to happen and what was yet to come throughout the rest of the day.

Wedding details set the tone for a wedding day. They are the "once upon a time" opening to my clients story, and capturing all the details first thing quickly became a priority on a wedding day. However, though it was a priority for me, that didn't necessarily mean it was a priority for my clients. Yes, they wanted the beautiful wedding detail photos, but I just expected them to have all the gorgeous items prepped and ready for me when I arrived. Nope! I quickly learned that is not how ti works. 

I created the attached Wedding Detail Checklist as guide to help my brides before their wedding day. I send this out about 1 month prior to them, which gives them plenty of time to thoughtfully plan what the want photographed, and help gather those materials for me when I arrive. 

This checklist, though somewhat simple, has been suck a helpful resource to my brides and I always receive a "thank  you" when I send it to them. They by no means have to check everything off this list, but it's a great starting point for both of us.