Family Portrait Checklist

Family Portrait Checklist

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AH... Family Portraits... my FAVORITE part of a wedding day. Everyone one is standing in na orderly line, and already knows when and exactly where to be for their group photos. Please tell me you can sense my sarcasm? Family portraits are hard, and you can read about how I organize family photos HERE, but one of the BIGGEST game chargers to help facilitate the fiasco that was Family Portraits was this wedding Checklist. 

About one month prior to my clients wedding date, I send a photo schedule that includes the time we have allotted for family photos. Below is the excerpt I include in the email regarding family photos:

For the Family Portraits* scheduled from 5:00 - 5:30, as noted above, attached is a checklist to help organize all the groups shots. This way we get through these portraits as quickly as possible. All I need are the names below each group (I left an open line for you to write them in). Feel free to add more, but remember the attached is based on a 30 minute time allotment, adding more group portraits will only cut into your bride & groom portraits immediately following. Also, once you finalize your list, could you let those people in the group photos know they are being photographed, and to remain near/or in their seats immediately following the ceremony... this way no one gets lost :) If you can send this back to me beforehand that would be super helpful! Thank you love :) 

My clients, especially my brides, LOVE how helpful this simple guide is on a wedding day for both the bride and groom's family. We get through Family photos more efficiently and faster than we ever have before with this gem handy.